Donate to BCC Just by Shopping at Your Favorite Store

Bookmark this page and you’ll have quick and easy access to shopping in the biggest online stores and earn $$ for BCC! Click on the logos below to go to the stores and start shopping! (In order to make this work please read the full instructions below prior to your first-time access.) Click any store logo below to find out the details!



Target   BestBuy  Office-Depot


eInvite: Elegant, customizable print holiday cards & invitations. 20% of purchases donated back to BCC

iGive and eScrip are new ways to donate to your favorite LGBT synagogue without spending (more) money! As part of their annual charitable giving, many stores donate a percentage of your purchase to the charity of your choice. It’s easy to set up and payments are made automatically to BCC. You’ll be helping BCC every time you shop on-line!

The online shopping malls, and eScrip (which together serve as gateways to hundreds of individual vendors, including Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Office Depot, and Old Navy), participate in the important mission of helping non-profit organizations and local communities across America – and BCC is part of it! Individual stores, such as Ralphs and eInvite (for greeting and holiday cards), allow you to sign up directly with them. eScrip includes VONS and will also donate a portion of all your debit card purchases.

There is one-time registration process for each of the shopping malls. Here are the steps you need to follow:

For iGive:

1. Click on this link and fill in your details under “Become an iGive Member Today.”

2. On “Search for Your Favorite Cause,” start typing “Beth Chayim Chadashim” until the full name, “Beth Chayim Chadashim (Los Angeles, California),” shows up. Click on the name to select it, and then click “Join Now”.

3. A confirmation email is automatically sent to your email address. Follow the instructions and you’ll be transferred to a new page with a green button that says “Install”. Click on it to finish installing the program.

4. A new window pops up, explaining your new iGive button. By clicking on the “Free” blue button on the top right corner, you’ll be adding a small (and cute) button to your browser.

This button is your gateway to all the stores in the mall. Whenever you want to go shopping online, just click on the button. A menu opens that allows you to go to the store of your choice. To make things even easier, you can add your favorite stores to the menu, by selecting from this list.

When you visit an iGive store, you’ll see the iGive Button saying “iGive On” in the lower right hand corner of the site’s web page, confirming that your purchases there will help Beth Chayim Chadashim. Some stores may require you to confirm that you want to help BCC. If you see a large red banner telling you that you need to confirm your donation, please click on it to continue.

That’s it! You’ll now be donating to BCC just by shopping.

By the way, makes it even easier for iGive users to shop at their store. Just click on the following icon:

For eScrip

1. Click on this link, and enter your zip code. Then, follow the instructions for adding your name and for choosing a password.

2. Select your non-profit organization: Start typing “Beth” in the search box and “Beth Chayim Chadashim” will come up. Select “continue.”

3. Register your card. Enter the number (no exp. date or any other details), and click “continue”. Then “confirm your details.”

To shop, go to You’ll see a greeting with your name at the top right and a button below it, where you can enter the online Mall. There are many stores in the mall, including Apple,, Radio Shack, PETCO, and Nike.

Discounts! When you go to this online mall, please note the coupons on the right sidebar. They can save you up to 30% at selected stores.

When you select your store, you’ll be immediately transferred to that store and you can shop as you regularly do.


Beautiful custom or pre-printed invitations and holiday cards of all kinds are available here.  You can also use the button below to browse through the selection of card designs. 10% of all purchases will be donated directly to BCC.


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