Ruach Chayim (Spirit of Life)


Ruach Chayim Musical Shabbat Service

“Shabbat is a palace in time” -Abraham Joshua Heschel

Join BCC in welcoming Shabbat with guitar,with drum, with song, with open heart on the last Shabbat of the month.  BCC is known for the spiritual and musical way in which we share and experience Judaism. We invite you to this new take on an age-old tradition!

Our Ruach Chayim musical service has been wildly popular. Let the beautiful combination of voice, guitar and drum transport you to the “palace” of Shabbat.  This service is a participatory and spiritual welcoming to Shabbat in the best of BCC’s tradition. Bring friends, neighbors, co-workers, loved ones, and anyone in your life to learn the new melodies along with us.

The Ruach Chayim service begins at 8:00 p.m.

Check out our Calendar for upcoming Ruach Chayim services. Reserve your seat at the dinner table here.