BCC is known as a “singing” congregation, which manifests itself through many congregational tunes, but also through lay service-leadership, choir involvement, concerts and music classes. The music is a great support in helping us discover new meanings and dimensions for the inherited ancient Hebrew words of our Liturgy.

There are many ways to get involved in BCC’s musical congregational life. Please contact Cantor Juval Porat for inquiries about the BCC choir, the BCC band, chanting the Torah and lay service leadership.

Audio for lay leadership

BCC has a long lasting tradition of lay lead services. We hope this page, which will be regularly updated, can be a support for those who are interested in getting acquainted with some congregational tunes as well as chants in the traditional mode for Friday Night Shabbat Service. For questions about lay lead services please contact Rabbi Lisa Edwards or Cantor Juval Porat.
Click here for Audio for Lay Leadership