Make a payment or donation


To make an instant donation OR payment for a BCC event press the “donate” button above and follow the instructions requested by Paypal.
Note: If you make a Paypal Event payment after the deadline please print a confirmation of your paypal payment to present at our check-in table.


Help support BCC’s music program by donating to the Fran Chalin Music Fund. Your support will help ensure the presence of guest musicians during services and special events, choir singers, purchase of music equipment and sheet music.

Method #2 to Make a Credit Card Charge:

Click this link and print our CREDIT CARD CHARGE FORM — return it to BCC by fax (323.931.1490), Email or US Mail to BCC, 6090 W. Pico Blvd, LA, CA90035. If you are mailing it to us. please send it in time to be received by the deadline– if there is one.   PLEASE FILL OUT THE FORM COMPLETELY!