BCC and JQ 20s/30s Dinner and Ruach Chayim Service


JQ & BCC will co-host a Shabbat Dinner & Musical Shabbat Service on Friday, June 28. Dinner begins at 6:30pm ($20 if paid by 3pm on Thursday, June 27 /$25 if payment is received after 3pm on June 27).  Services begin at 8pm and are free.

The main meal of the week (and a festive one at that) in Jewish households in Israel and around the world is the Friday night dinner. The meal begins after sundown, with many families setting the table with their best white tablecloth and their prettiest dishes. Before the meal, Jewish people sing a song to welcome Sabbath angels and follow it with blessings.

On a typical Shulchan Aruch L’Shabbat (shool-chahn ah-rooch leh-shah-baht; a table set for Shabbat), you may also find:

· Kapiot (kah-pee-oht  /  teaspoons)
· Kosot  (kohs-oht  / cups)
· Kos L’Kiddush (kohs leh-kee-doosh; the Kiddush cup)
· Mapah Levanah (mah-pah leh-vah-nah /  white tablecloth)
· Mapiot (mah-pee-oht; /  napkins)
· Mazlegot (mahz-lay-goht  / forks)
· Prachim (puh-rah-cheem / flowers)
· Sakinim (sah-kee-neem  / knives)
· Tzalachot (tzah-lah-choht /  dishes)


People often say HaShulchan Haya Amus Be’Ochel (hah-shool-chahn hah-yah ah-moos beh-oh-chehl / “The table was loaded with food! “) on Friday nights, because of the special foods and beautiful dinner.

We celebrate with our BCC Family by gathering each month for Shabbat Dinner, right before our very popular musical Shabbat evening service, Ruach Chayim.   On Friday, June 28, the BCC 20s/30s Havurah have joined with JQ International to co-host this month’s dinner. 

You do not have to be a member of either group or BCC to attend the dinner.  You are most welcome to meet new friends and see old ones in our BCC Family gathering for Shabbat dinner.

In June our Shabbat Dinner will be prepared by GFC Good Food Catering, our very popular High Holyday luncheon caterers.  In addition to catering Oscar parties, business meetings, weddings, BBQs, mitzvah celebrations, GFC Good Food Catering specializes in providing Kosher meals and are always deliciously organic!  To whet your appetite, see some of their food-fare and “Like” GFC on Face Book.  Our June Menu will consist of an organic, dairy-vegetarian spread.  Yum!  

Help us keep Shabbat business free, by paying in advance!  Help us give GFC an accurate count of guests by paying in advance! 

The Shabbat Dinner price is $20 per person if payment is received by the BCC Office no later than Thursday, June 27  OR $25 per person if the payment is made after 3pm on June 27.  Use our convenient Paypal Account to reserve now or get your check (made out to “BCC”) to the temple office by 3pm on Thursday, June 27.  

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