BCC Clergy on LGBT Religion Archives Network


Beth Chayim Chadashim’s clergy is now on the Worlds’s LGBT Religion Archives Network. The LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) is an innovative venture in preserving history and encouraging scholarly study of LGBT religious movements around the world.

LGBT-RAN has a two-fold basic purpose. First it assists LGBT religious leaders and groups in determining how best to preserve their records and papers in appropriate repositories. Secondly, LGBT-RAN provides an electronic information clearinghouse for these archival collections and other historical data about LGBT religious history for the use of historians, researchers and other interested persons. LGBT-RAN can best be understood as a “virtual” archive.

Recognizing that history is written from the perspective of those who preserve their records, LGBT-RAN’s overarching purpose is to ensure the preservation and accessibility of the voices and experiences of a great diversity of LGBT religious leaders and groups.

Lisa A. Edwards, Ph.D.
Since becoming rabbi of Beth Chayim Chadashim in 1994, Rabbi Lisa Edwards has been a Jewish lesbian activist from the pulpit, on the page, on the Web, in the classroom, and in the streets of Los Angeles. She has witnessed—and works to counteract—the damage done to LGBT individuals when discrimination is preached by religious authorities and practiced by families and communities of faith. Most of all, she is known as a rabbi who speaks to the hearts of her congregants.

A frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Jewish Journal, Rabbi Edwards is widely published in books on queer and Jewish topics, as well as on websites where her scholarship on traditional Jewish texts combines with the personal and the contemporary.

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Rabbi Heather Miller, MAHL
Rabbi Heather Miller, MAHL, is a faith-based leader in Los Angeles, California. Informed by the justice-filled prophetic teachings of her faith, she brings a religious and spiritual lens to address inequities and works to amplify the voices of disenfranchised groups especially women, people of color, members of the LGBT community, immigrants and youth, and those at the intersections of these identities.

In June 2016, Rabbi Miller was one of 9 Angelenos nominated by the community to serve on the Los Angeles Civilian Oversight Commission of the L.A. County Sheriff Department.

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