BCC Co-Sponsor of “What Gay Men Need to Know” on April 29 at MCCLA.

Prostate Cancer & Erectile Disfunction (ED):  What Gay Men need to Know

When: Sunday, April 29, 4pm – 6pm

Where: MCCLA, 4953 Franklin Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Description:  Join Dr. Jonathan Bergman, an openly gay Urologist with UCLA’s medical School and Dennis Bogorad, founder of the first Prostate Cancer support group exclusively for gay men which deals with loss, self-esteem & sexual dysfunction, for an informative conversation about a very important topic for men.  The meeting will take place in the sanctuary.  Dr. Jonathan Bergman will lead a one hour informational presentation on what it means to be a gay man with prostate cancer. Dr. Bergman will also discuss various treatment options for erectile dysfunction. There will be a Q & A session following. Dennis Bogorad will talk about his personal story of being a gay man with prostate cancer.  Dr. Bergman and Dennis Bogorad are dedicated to helping the gay community to be better informed about prostate cancer and erectile dysfunction treatments. All Gay men community-wide are invited to attend this free event. Bring a friend! For more information, contact Rev. Dr. Pat Langlois  or by telephone at 323-669-3434 x 108

Prostate Cancer and Erectile Dysfunction: What Should a Gay Man Know? The sexual & emotional issues affecting gay men with prostate cancer are different from those of straight men. Last Spring, LA’s GLBT Center started the only support group in Southern California exclusively for gay and bi men with prostate cancer. The number of gay men attending this twice monthly group has grown rapidly with 41 men now joining. This gay prostate cancer support group has help illuminate the unhappy fact there are thousands of gay men in Los Angeles experiencing erectile dysfunction and not knowing reliable ways of treating it. ED can be the result of a multiplicity of reasons, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, HIV, antidepressants, prostate issues, physical injury, aging, and more. Whether you’re recently diagnosed, undergoing treatment, or a long-term survivor of prostate cancer OR you are one of the many gay men suffering in silence with erectile dysfunction we can offer you reliable information on how to deal with both issues.






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