BCC, IKAR, Shtibl Minyan together for Tisha b’Av

On Monday night August 8, BCC will host a joint Tisha b’Av observance with our friends from IKAR and Shtibl Minyan.

Whether Tisha b’Av has long been a part of your Jewish year, or never before, plan to be with us as these 3 communities come together for a powerful evening of prayer, learning, and haunting music, enhanced by teachings from BCC’s Rabbinic Intern/Scholar-in-residence, Rachel Adler, as well as teachers from IKAR and Shtibl.

Besides Yom Kippur, Tisha b’Av is the only other full day fast on the Jewish calendar. It is traditional to eat alone before the fast, and in observance of that we will have simple food available (hard boiled eggs, bread, tea) at BCC from 6:30 – 7:30 pm, and will begin our joint gathering at 7:30 pm promptly with a teaching by Dr. Adler entitled Pour Out Your Heart Like Water: The Necessity of Lament.

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