BCC Members Write: D’ror Chankin-Gould


BCC member D’ror Chankin-Gould is about to become a rabbi later on this month, and just before it happens, he returns to his past. In an emotional disclosure, he shared on Facebook a note to our own Rabbi Lisa, describing her impact on his public work. And so he writes:

“It’s three weeks until ordination, and I want to continue to publicly thank my teachers who have shepherded me to where I now stand.

When I was a teenager, and sure that my Gay and my Jewish identities had to exist in separate boxes, I met Lisa Edwards, and she saved me. Rabbi Edwards showed me how to stand before God as a whole human being, with all of my heart integrated and all of my soul present. When I began rabbinical school 5 years ago, she took me on as a student. She has gifted me with precious advice, countless growth opportunities, and, most of all, her unconditional support. So much of the work I do publicly as a rabbi is modeled on Lisa’s grace. So much of who I am privately as a rabbi is shaped by her compassion. I am so deeply grateful.”


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  • Renee Lamkay May 2, 2013 am31 12:45 am . Reply

    Dear Dror,I am so happy for you. Any synagogue that hires you will getting an incredible mensch and an outstanding Rabbi. I hope you will join us at BCC very often.

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