BCCs Purim Celebration

Saturday, March 19, 2011 Save the date for the FIRST Purim to be the LAST one at 6000 Pico!

6-7pm Bring your dinner for kids and community,
7pm Havdalah, Megillah Reading and Purim fun.

Celebrate at BCC with music, costumes, diversity, and lots of hilarity. Wear your costume and a bring a big napkin for a no muss no fuss dinner (okay, a little muss, a little fuss as it’s a “bring your own” dinner! – 6-7pm. Children´s activities will begin at 6 as well.

Hilarious Havdalah will be followed by our traditional non-traditional multi-lingual Megillah Reading frequently interrupted by exclusive acts by the extremely talented, as well as the 100% talent-free performers of BCC!

Want to book an act? or read megillah? contact Davi Cheng by March 5!

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