“Bohemian Iconoclast Writer” Reads, Speaks, and Signs at BCC


Richard Levik has been a member of BCC for over four years now. On Sunday, June 15, 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm he will speak about his book “Off My Chest: Letters to the Editor.”

OFF MY CHEST: Letters to the Editor…+ is a compilation of over 120 letters, along with some articles which Levik wrote beginning in 1989 when he first arrived in Los Angeles from New York. As you will see inside this book, most letters were in response to articles, stories, or other issues affecting Jews. Richard’s criticism also touches on Christianity. Religion is very much a hands-on topic for Mr. Levik.

Originally, letter writing was intended as a safe outlet for release of frustration and anger, never expecting such angry and sometimes vicious letters to be published. Astonishingly, provocative letters were published. Inside OFF MY CHEST you will see the published version, the unedited version, along with letters and a few articles which were never published. Whether these letters changed hearts or minds, you be the judge. Read OFF MY CHEST, see if your heart and mind are not moved, challenged, or even changed.

“I want to personally invite everyone in our community, along with your family and friends, to my first book reading and signing event,” says Richard, “BCC is such a special place, and BCC and Rabbi Lisa were here for me well before I actually joined.”

Richard also reveals that one of the letters in his book dealt directly with a situation involving BCC and another religious group, Westboro Baptist Church.

There will be delicious food/snacks to nosh on along with a thought-provoking reading and discussion, followed by a book signing. Richard looks forward to seeing you there.

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