Book Club: All Other Nights


On Sunday, August 30, 2015 at 10am, our Book Club meets again to discuss All Other Nights, by Dara Horn.

A historical novel about a Jewish soldier in the Union Army during the Civil War who is sent on a mission of assassination in the Confederacy and discovers connections to Jews in the opposing camp.

“Slam-bang… superb… masterful… gripping… marvelous.”―Washington Post
“Engrossing … delicious” – New York Times (Editors’ Choice)
“Rare and memorable” – Wall Street Journal * “Stellar … propulsive, suspenseful” –New York Post
“Enthralling … sublime” -Publisher’s Weekly (starred review)
“An astonishing storyteller…extraordinary” –Financial Times

How is tonight different from all other nights? For Jacob Rappaport, a Jewish soldier in the Union army during the Civil War, it is a question his commanders have already answered for him — on Passover, 1862, he is ordered to murder his own uncle in New Orleans, who is plotting to assassinate President Lincoln. After this harrowing mission, Jacob is recruited to pursue another enemy agent, the daughter of a Virginia family friend. But this time, his assignment isn’t to murder the spy, but to marry her. Their marriage, with its riveting and horrifying consequences, reveals the deep divisions that still haunt American life today.

Based on real personalities like Judah Benjamin, the Confederacy’s Jewish Secretary of State and spymaster, and on historical facts and events ranging from an African-American spy network to the dramatic self-destruction of the city of Richmond, All Other Nights is a gripping and suspenseful story of men and women driven to the extreme limits of loyalty and betrayal. It is also a brilliant parable of the rift in America that lingers a century and a half later: between those who value family and tradition first, and those dedicated, at any cost, to social and racial justice for all.

In this eagerly-awaited third novel, award-winning author Dara Horn brings us page-turning storytelling at its best. Layered with meaning, All Other Nights presents the most American of subjects with originality and insight — and the possibility of reconciliation that might yet await us.

Please Note: Due to holidays and schedule conflicts of some of our members, the next two meetings after August 30 are not scheduled on the last Sundays of the month. They are on October 4 and November 1. Please mark your calendars accordingly.

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