Book Club: He, She, and It


On Sunday, July 27 at 10am, our Book Club meets again to discuss “He, She, and It,” by Marge Piercy, a unique novel of Jewish and feminist science fiction featuring a dystopic not-too-distant future and an intelligent cyborg that will remind us of the golem of Jewish legend.

In the middle of the twenty-first century, life as we know it has changed for all time. Shira Shipman’s marriage has broken up, and her young son has been taken from her by the corporation that runs her zone, so she has returned to Tikva, the Jewish free town where she grew up. There, she is welcomed by Malkah, the brilliant grandmother who raised her, and meets an extraordinary man who is not a man at all, but a unique cyborg implanted with intelligence, emotions–and the ability to kill….
From the imagination of Marge Piercy comes yet another stunning novel of morality and courage, a bold adventure of women, men, and the world of tomorrow.

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