Calling All Ralphs Shoppers!

Ralphs Shoppers! Did you know that the more you buy at Ralphs the more BCC earns?

Ralphs New Cycle begins September 1, 2011. Just pick up a Ralphs flyer the next time you come to BCC with the bar code at the bottom. Take the flyer to your local Ralphs and have them scan the flyer when you pay for your purchases. BCC will then be your official choice for Ralphs Community Contribution Program. So easy. Or enroll on the Ralphs Community Contribution page, follow their simple instructions. BCC’s Organization number is 83802. Choosing BCC as your elected favorite community non-profit for Ralphs Community Contribution Program must be done each year—Enroll September 1! Our goal is to double your participation— which means 30 more of you need to register! It seems like such a small thing to do, shop for your weekly needs AND at the same time, make a contribution to your favorite shul. What a double-easy way to make a significant difference, right? Believe it or not, your community contributions really do add up!! Register as soon as you are able—we’ll be looking for that Ralphs check in the mail.

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