Converting to Judaism: Sessions with Rabbi Heather Miller


Our next session: Monday, May 2 at 7:30pm For those exploring conversion to Judaism, and those who have recently embraced the covenant, Rabbi Heather Miller is offering Monday Night Drop In Sessions to discuss topics as a group, reflect upon personal experiences, share resources, and build community. Sessions will take place Monday nights from 7:30-8:30pm at BCC. The last session will be held on 6/13.

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Coming from the world of entertainment Journalism, I recently heard that popular American singer Arianna Grande declared that she’s “no longer a Christian” and now thinks of converting to Judaism after her homosexual brother was shunned by the Catholic Church. Several years ago, when I interviewed Elizabeth Banks, she told me that she converted to Judaism because she loved the way Reform Judaism treats women, and that the real meaning of Rabbi is a teacher.

But it’s not only celebrities who raise interest in Judaism. Many people, including LGBT people, are going through conversion to Judaism every year or consider conversion, and all of the studies to date show that converts to Judaism make steadfast and loyal members of the community.

Beth Chayim Chadashim, Los Angeles’ first LGBT congregation, identified the raised interest of LGBT people in conversion, and as of this week, has begun offering sessions on conversion. These classes offer insights into many questions that one may have if exploring conversion, or if one has recently embraced the covenant. “We reached a tipping point,” says Rabbi Heather Miller, who leads the sessions, “We had a large number of people we were advising on the road to conversion, and we realized it would be great to get everyone together to meet and form a community of exploration into Jewish life.” Continue reading

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