Counting the Omer: Day 15


Today is 30th of Nisan, the last day of the first month in the Jewish calendar. Soon we will be entering the month of Iyar – the month that sits between liberation (Pesach) and revelation (Shavuot).

The Israelites have now been in the desert a little over two weeks, what do you think they are experiencing and seeing? Do you think they are still singing the song Miriam led them to sing when they crossovered to the other side of the sea? Or are they walking in silence? More likely, I think, they are complaining about the weather and the food in the desert. I imagine by now there are mixed feelings, first there were excitement and joy, and maybe now the feelings of doubts and anxiety are beginning to creep in.

In our everyday busy life, it is so easy for us to forget what happened just 2 weeks ago, and don’t we all just live from one event to another? Marking our calendars from one birthday celebration to the next anniversary, but what about the in-between time, such as the month of Iyar. How do we spend our time between events?

During this time, what if the Israelites paused to admire the beauty of the desert? What if they paid more attention to the beautiful rock formations, observed how a lizard blends in with the tree bark? In the midst of helicopter and traffic noises, what if we listened for the songs the birds sing to us every morning? What if we took time out everyday to admire how sunlight cast shadows on a tree?

Last weekend I attended an event that took place in a botanical garden and was reminded how beautiful life is when we take time to stop and “SEE” (pictures below). Counting the Omer is not to sit and wait for revelation, this period of in-between time, if we live life and contemplate beautiful things/people around us and acknowledge the beauty within ourselves, then revelation doesn’t seem so far away.



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