Counting the Omer: Day 16 — Discipline Within Compassion


By Tamara Kline

On the 16th day of the Omer, the attribute of discipline (gevurah) is combined with the attribute of compassion (tiferet). (See below for an explanation)

This is a powerful and necessary combination of attributes. Discipline without compassion can stifle self-esteem and spontaneity. Compassion without discipline can cause one to be taken advantage of – or lose sight of his or her own needs.

For today, ask yourself : How can I become more aware of and “fine-tune” the delicate balance between compassion and discipline in my day to day life?

Explanation of the Counting the Omer:

The 49-day Counting of the Omer is a 49-step process designed to inspire us, refine us, and help prepare us spiritually for receiving the Torah on Shavuot.

Each of the 7 weeks symbolize one of G-d’s seven emotional attributes and gives us an opportunity to contemplate and cultivate more of that particular attribute or virtue in our own life.

Each day of the week represents one of the 7 attributes as well, which gives us 49 ways of being in the world to consider and explore for ourselves.

The 7 emotional attributes or virtues are:
1. Chesed – Loving-kindness
2. Gevurah – Justice and discipline
3. Tiferet – Harmony, compassion
4. Netzach – Endurance
5. Hod – Humility
6. Yesod – Bonding
7. Malchut – Sovereignty, leadership

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