Counting the Omer: Day 20 — Can We Create a Safe Space?


By Juval Porat

“The upright path is the middle path of all the qualities known to man. This is the path which is equally distant from the two extremes, not being too close to either side. Therefore the Sages instructed that a person measure (lit., estimate) his character traits, directing them in the middle path so he will be whole.” Maimonides

Can we create a safe space between the sacred and the profane?

In my life, as I’m sure in the lives of every human, there were times I was drawn towards spirituality and times in which I benefited from taking a little break from religion and the rituals it provides. And then there are times when neither seemed fitting – neither the complete devotion to spirituality, nor turning one’s back to it. In this inbetween space I found an opportunity to re-define my balance-ratio of sacredness and that which is secular, as well as to re-expamine what works and what doesn’t work for me in my sipirtual and secular life, what values I was ready to let go of and which were the ones I was willing to hold on to. It’s from this space that I wrote the song called Theology. I hope you enjoy the song. May it inspire you to reclaim, practice and model the values you believe in today.

Theology / Words and music by Juval Porat

Can we create a safe space
Between the sacred and the profane?
Can we let peace flow where love grows?
How long can we go on chasing the likes?
Swiping left then swiping right
Can we create a safe space?

You wanna hold on to something real
A system to believe in

All we have
Is now and what to make of it
Even if not every song becomes a hit
We’re gonna get past our doubts, shut them out and let love in
Let’s live life while we’re in it
Infuse it with our harmony
Let’s make it our theology

Can you find what you’re looking for
If you stand still, if you talk no more
Can I find what I’m looking for?

If we see through the love inside
Who knows what we might find?

Wherever we go we’ll feel like home
We’ll stay afloat ’cause we’ve got home

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