Counting the Omer: Day 23 — Discipline in Endurance


Leigh Grode

With the mitzvah of counting the 49 days, known as Sefirat Ha’Omer, the Torah invites us on a journey into the human psyche, into the soul.

There are seven basic emotions that make up the spectrum of human experience. At the root of all forms of enslavement, is a distortion of these emotions. In understanding of Gevurah of Netzach: Discipline in Endurance I am choosing the definition of discipline as: a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in….. (Higher Education, Temple, you fill in the blank).

Questioning if ones endurance and determination is focused to help cultivate life-affirming habits and change negative destructive ones? Or is it the other way around? How does one define ones strength or weakness? Does it come from a deep level conviction or out of defectiveness? Does one use endurance against itself by being tenacious in the lack of determination, sloth or rebellion? Do you want to change something that harms you? Then do, for this day’s exercise: Break one bad pattern today -Hesitate ask and G-d in – and Choose the unknown.


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