Counting the Omer: Day 24 (April 28, 2015)


Davi Cheng

As I sat down to write this reflection, my heart is heavy with the devastating news of the huge earthquake in Nepal and regions of India and China. I was reminded of my own experience of the 1989 earthquake that shook the San Francisco area where I was working at the time; the epic center was in Santa Cruz, where my family resides. To make matters more difficult, it was on my mother’s birthday only two weeks after the death of my father.

Counting the Omer each day is to be aware of how we live our daily life, and be thankful of what we have each moment.

Here is a link to where and how we can help survivors and victims of the earthquake. AJWS has also set up an Earthquake Emergency Relief Fund

And here are helpful links to learn how we can be more prepared for earthquakes and what to do during an earthquake:

Earthquake Hazards Program

Emergency Preparedness and Response

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