Counting the Omer: Day 26 — Hod of Netzach


Ginger Jacobs

Today reminds us not to waste our time. Always find something to do, for yourself and/or for a friend. Life is too precious to be wasted. Try to find things that are meaningful to YOU. Those things will vary according to the day and according to your mood. Today you might find it meaningful to go outside and watch the leaves whispering the secret names of God in the wind. Tomorrow you might enjoy listening to the birds sing. You might find meaning in reading a book, listening to music, catching up on correspondence. Sometimes just sitting and thinking can be very meaningful.

What ever you do, try to find meaning in it.

It has been said that all we really are is a sum of our memories. Novelist Iris Johansen said “If life is the sum total of our experiences, we should always seek the most memorable experiences we can.” If we waste our time, we will not have memories enough to sustain us in years to come. We create memories in what we do.


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