Counting the Omer: Day 30 — Gevurah of Hod / Might or Discipline within Humility


By Tara Rose

The counting of the Omer uses the tree of life, the system of divine energies (of G-d) located in the body, mind, heart, and soul to help us be our best and ready us to receive Torah through spiritual preparation. All the sephirot (the divine energies or attributes) are likened to different parts of the body; Hod and Gevurah are likened to the left foot and the left hand of the body. Both parts of the body, hands and feet, actively get us to where we want to go – and often are the “doers” of whatever it is we “do” in life.

Mirroring these aspects of G-d, our left foot is Hod (majesty). Hod is associated with the words humility, majesty, splendor and glory.   When we see Hod in our left foot, we can be reminded to move forward with humility, and at the same time, to move forward with majesty and splendor.

Our left hand is Gevurah, which is represented with the words justice, might or discipline.  If we stop and breathe – and feel justice, might, discipline, and restraint – what do we experience?

Together, Gevurah (might and justice) within Hod (humility and majesty), we find our splendor and might within humility and majesty. How do we see Gevurah of Hod in ourselves? Move forward with might and strength and be in the world as a majestic queen or king. Stand with all of who you are – with majesty.

And what about this aspect of G-d? Of you? Gevurah (disapline) can give Hod (humility) direction – the direction may be as simple as: Acceptance of what is.

Try seeing life as it is, and not try to change or filter your vision of it.

Walk in the world, literally and metaphorically as a mighty majestic king/queen. Also walk in the world, accepting what is. You may work to change what is – but there is humility in accepting the current situation, feelings, life circumstance, experience, or world – as it is.

 Thoughts and Feelings for Today’s Counting of the Omer

I act regally and I have endurance to act regally. I am humble and live with humility; I have all the discipline I need to be humble.


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