Counting the Omer: Day 39 — Victory within Foundation


By Tara Rose


The counting of the Omer uses the Kabbalistic tree of life to understand our personal growth and work during this time. The divine energies of G-d are represented as different aspects in our bodies, minds, hearts, and souls. During the counting of the Omer, we looking to find these aspects of G-d within ourselves in order to transform ourselves, to be our best, to be ready to receive Torah. At the end of the counting of the Omer, on the 50th day, we come to the holiday, Shavuot, a celebration of when we were given the Torah.

Netzach of Yesod

Yesod (Foundation) is associated with foundation, building, connection, and bonding. With Yesod, we often think of bonding with others and our relationships. Yesod, is that, and Yesod can also have an even broader meaning to build the foundation that is going to support your spiritual development and your life, in all its facets.

A strong foundation, like a home, has a physical body or existence, connections are strong. The nuts and bolts are in place. The joists and brackets are secured. We can go forward in life with our foundation, we build and create.

Yesod is also bonding in non-physical ways. Those that we love, in our family, in our lives, in our workplace, in our community – we are not literally glued to each other, and yet we are connected in awesome ways that cannot always be explained. That energy, those threads of connection or non-physical bonding is Yesod, an aspect of G-d, and an aspect within ourselves.

Netzach (Victory) is associated with victory, as well as endurance and eternity. With Netzach, there is the endurance, the patience and ability to follow through and complete the task, whatever it is. Netzach is ever lasting, eternity, going on forever, doing whatever is required. And, so Netzach (Victory) within Yesod (Foundation) is a powerful foundation and a deep successful bonding.

Netzach within Yesod gives us the ability to endure and be successful or victorious – as we create that foundation of our lives and the relationships in our lives. Today, as we consider our relationships, our bondings, how can we deepen them and go the distance? We build and make connections to create our lives, we co-create with G-d. Look within and find that endurance, keep going and build, create, and bond.

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