Counting the Omer: Day 45 — Beauty in Sovereignty


By Leah Zimmerman

Tiferet of Malchut: Beauty in Sovereignty

At this moment, I sit as myself and write to you.  I have all my memories which include various iterations of Me.  There have been version of Me at different ages, at different levels of proficiency in the skills that I care about, in many different relationships, in different locations; there have been many different moments of Leah and all of them a bit different.  Yet, I can feel within myself the through line, I can feel how me the child connects to me the young adult, to Me the mother, the educator, the singer the actor, the wife and so on.

To me the Tiferet, the beauty, splendor and harmony in the sovereignty of the self, in Malchut, is finding that core part of the self.  The Me that has been present at all my memories, the Me that is the through line of the various versions of myself that I have inhabited. I can find within my being, within my heart the part of me that stays the same no matter how my body, external world or life circumstances change. I find this continuity of the self within me and within each and every other person to be beautiful and amazing. It is always my goal to communicate from this inner place of being myself to each of the students, teachers, parents with whom I work. It is when the deepest part of oneself can connect with the deepest part of another’s self that we bond and bring ourselves closer to God.

Where do you live inside yourself?  Who is the You that has been in all the versions of yourself, who is at the core of your being?  What happens when You lead your life from this place of truth within yourself?

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