Counting the Omer: Day 48 — Yesod of Malchut / Foundation within Kingdom


By Tara Rose

The counting of the Omer uses the tree of life, the system of divine energies (of G-d) and qualities called sephirot located in the body, mind, heart, and soul to help us be our best and ready us to receive Torah through spiritual preparation.   This is the second to last day of our seven weeks of counting and is during the week of Malchut (Kingdom).

Yesod of Malchut
Malchut (Kingdom) is the tenth of the sephirot in the tree of life and sits at the very bottom of the tree. Malchut or Kingdom is not an aspect of G-d (like the other sephirot), but rather it is what emanates from G-d’s creation and glory. It is often thought of as what is manifested in this world, on earth, by G-d.

Yesod (Foundation) is the ninth of the sephirot and sits just above Malchut, and is associated with the words: foundation, building, connection, and bonding. Yesod is often seen as a pathway for all the other sephirot to Malchut.   For Yesod (Foundation) within Malchut (Kingdom), we think of bringing G-d’s kingdom into the world, using all the sephirot (qualities) as a foundation through our deeds, thoughts, emotions, and actions.

If we have tried to have these qualities of G-d within ourselves, and also bring those qualities into the world, then we have tried to achieve a foundation for our earthly matters.

It means that as we create and manifest in our own lives, in our community and on this earth – we bring the qualities of ourselves (and of G-d) as a foundation, as a bonding to all things. We bring the qualities of: Chochmah (Wisdom, Knowledge), Bina (Understanding), Chesed (Loving-kindness), Gevurah (Justice and Discipline), Tiferet (Love, Harmony, Compassion), Netzach (Endurance), Hod (Humility), Yesod (Bonding, Foundation), and Malchut (Kingdom, Sovereignty, Leadership).

Consider these qualities, when you bond with others, when you are thinking, feeling, doing, breathing. What is that foundation within yourself that you can rely on?

Today, notice the foundation in yourself, and imagine what else you would like in yourself and in the world. Then know that you have a partner with G-d and that there just may be no limit as to what you can bring into this magnificent world.

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