Gay Days at Disneyland


New to BCC? 20’s or 30’s? BCC’s very own 20’s & 30’s Havurah is a group designed for young professionals getting together to enjoy events or shows. Once a month we host events that includes brunch, backyard BBQs, happy hours, and our upcoming Gay Days at Disneyland. check us out online

So… Gay Days Disneyland. It’s the one day of the year when Disneyland is becoming (almost) all gay – and LGBT people are wearing RED T SHIRT. This year it happens October 4-6. We’re going to go as a group on October 6, AND we get to have discounted non-profit-organization tickets: It’s $82 for Adults (ages 10 years and over) and $77 for Children (ages 3-9 years old). If you’d like to join our group and get your discounted ticket(s) – to and we’ll let you know what do you have to do.

For more info on Gay Days at Disneyland – Click here for their website

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