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Kadin-1Coming soon to BCC: Pirkei Avot teaches us to make Torah study kevah, a set practice. Since September a group of young Jews have been doing just that on Wednesday nights at BCC. As a Teaching Fellow with Bay Area organization Kevah, BCC member Kadin Henningsen and several others have been learning the fine art of facilitating meaningful and engaging text study groups.

As an organization, Kevah’s mission is to make classical Jewish texts accessible to Jews seeking a spiritually and intellectually meaningful Jewish learning experience by helping organize small learning groups and providing an educator to help lead discussions. Groups pick the topics and educators bring the text! To learn more, visit

The group of five Los Angeles based Teaching Fellows are ready to start putting their learning into practice and they’re bringing that opportunity to BCC!

In the coming months, Kevah will be teaming up with BCC’s Education Committee to bring five classes, each taught by a Kevah Teaching Fellow, to the BCC community. Classes will cover a wide range of topics from holidays, Talmud, philosophy, and more. BCC member Kadin Henningsen will be leading a special discussion on the Jewish concept of deception and its relationship to ethics of self-presentation.

The Adult Education Committee always seeks your input. Please email comments, questions or ideas on these or other events to

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