Lag Ba’Omer Pitfire


Lag B’Omer is characterized by a day of outings. In Israel and throughout the Diaspora, the day is celebrated with picnics, ballgames, and mock bow-and-arrow play-fighting. it is also customary to light bonfires and sing and dance around them. AND WE’RE PLANNING TO DO JUST THAT!

Saturday, April 27 at  7pm. Come and enjoy our first Lag Ba’Omer celebration in our new building! Pitfire? Check! Songs? Check! Marshmallows? Check! Drum circle? Check! All that’s missing is you! This evening is sponsored by the BCC 20s/30s Havurah, but open to all!

Lag BaOmer (Hebrew: ל״ג בעומר) is a Jewish holiday celebrated on the thirty-third day of the Counting of the Omer, which occurs on the 18th day of Iyar. One reason given for the holiday is as the day of passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai. Modern Jewish tradition links the holiday to the Bar Kokhba Revolt against the Roman Empire (132-135 CE). In Israel, it is celebrated as a symbol for the fighting Jewish spirit.

Why are we happy at Lag Baomer?

Because on this day only Lag B’Omer Rabbi Akiva’s pupils did not die. It was made into a festival in the middle of days of mourning that precede and follow it. The ban on weddings and joyful occasions was lifted.


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