Let the Ten Commandments change your Life! Thou shall enjoy Shavuot!

Everywhere you look you see Top Ten Lists — In the paper, in late night … and for the Holiday of Shavuot, we will be taking on the original Top Ten List – The Ten Commandments!

BCC invites you, your family and chuldren to join us for this special Memorial Day Weekend event on Saturday evening, May 23rd as we celebrate Shavuot – the day the Jews received the Ten Commandments. As is customary, we will be having an evening of fun, food, reflection, and study that will last us late into the night (or early into the next morning)!

We will be starting with our Yizkor service at 6:30pm, followed by a Dairy Potluck dinner at 7. After dinner, we will dive into our programs, featuring a reading of the Ten Commandments, a short multi-media presentation, and culminating with study sessions and teachings, where we will contemplate what the Ten Commandments mean to us today – in the modern world of the internet and iphones. Should the commandments be about what we should do instead of what we should not do? We also will be tackling what new commandments you would add if you could — would you propose new rules regarding the environment? How about the use of technology? Stay as late as early or as late into the program as you wish.

So come, bring a dairy or vegetarian dish to share and enjoy an evening of stimulating discussion and learning with friends.

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  • Viviana Cárdenas B. May 23, 2015 pm31 12:20 pm . Reply

    Hello, I’m a sephardic lesbian and I would like to know if non members are welcome for a service. I live two hours away but this is the only LGBT synagogue I know

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