Mini-Course on US Civics for Jews


“U.S. Civics for Jews” is an introduction to the workings of government and electoral politics in the U.S. The “for Jews” component indicates that the course will integrate elements of Jewish ethics and theology, U.S. Jewish History, and Jewish relationships to and experiences of government and politics. For instance, when studying the federal courts, we will use Shaare Tefila Congregation v. Cobb as our sample U.S. Supreme Court case. In this case, the court considered the question of whether a civil rights statute meant to prohibit race discrimination could apply to Jews.

Faculty: Beth Ribet, PhD, JD


Thursday, June 15, 2017, 7:30-9pm: Introduction to the Three Branches of Government
June 22, 7:30-9pm: Lawmaking through the Legislative and Executive Branches
June 29, 7:30-9pm: The Federal Courts
July 6, 7:30-9pm: Elections — Co-taught by Elissa Barrett, JD
July 13, 7:30-9pm: California Government
July 20, 7-9pm (2 hours): Civic Participation and Political Organizers (guest speakers TBA)

The mini-course is free, and there are recommended/optional readings, but no advance preparation is required. Guests are welcome (attendees need not be Jews, or members of Congregation Beth Chayim Chadashim). If you plan to attend and would like advance access to any materials, RSVP to Beth
Drop-ins without RSVP are also welcome.

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