November 2, Global Hunger Shabbat with Rabbi Lisa Edwards & Special Guest Rabbi Ethan Bair

Friday, November 2, Rabbi Ethan Bair will co-lead services with Rabbi Lisa and deliver a drash on the occasion of Global Hunger Shabbat at 8pm.

Global Hunger is an initiative of the American Jewish World Service (AJWS) intended to inspire us to take action to join the advocacy effort to Reverse Hunger throughout the developing world.  AJWS also partners with grassroots human rights organizations in the Global South working to end discrimination against LGBTI people and support the rights and power of women and girls in their societies.

Rabbi Bair is currently an organizer and educator for AJWS. Many of us will remember Ethan from his student rabbi days when he often led services at BCC. Lauren Schlau, Vice-President, will be presenting invited guests Project Chicken Soup, SOVA, and AJWS with Certificates of Recognition for their work against hunger.

YOU CAN HELP!  Please bring a canned food and/or hygiene item for donation. ALSO, please consider skipping dinner in solidarity with those living with hunger and donating the cost you would typically spend on your Friday night meal to AJWS, SOVA, or Project Chicken Soup. You can put your donation in the mailbox  next to the BCC office door –or mail it in, if you won’t be at services.

Please join Rabbis Edwards & Bair in support of this very important world-wide issue and to celebrate those in our community who work diligently year after year to help end hunger.

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