Omer Counting: Day 3 – Tiferet of Chesed / Beauty within Love


Tara Rose

The counting of the Omer uses the tree of life, the system of divine energies (of G-d) located in the body, mind, heart, and soul to help us be our best and ready us to receive Torah through spiritual preparation. When we look to understand the third day’s message of Tiferet of Chesed for our own spiritual growth – we can look at our physical body for clues.

Chesed (love) is located in the right hand and represents loving kindness. If we stop and breathe – and feel the sensations in our right hand, feel love – all that love means to us. We can be there, in love, in our body – and also in our mind, in our soul, in our heart. We find the feelings of love. We find thoughts of love.

Now, we look for Tiferet (beauty) in our bodies. The word Tiferet is also associated with beauty as well as the words spirituality, balance, integration, miracles and compassion. When we see Tiferet in the middle or center of our body, we can often find our balance.
Now we look to combine the two, one inside the other. Breathe Tiferet (beauty) into Chesed (love) – we find beauty, compassion, balance, spirituality and miracles within love.

What is Teferet of Chesed?

Is it unconditional love? A child’s love? A parent’s love? A beloved’s love? What does beautiful compassionate love look like to you? Is that G-d’s love? How do we express Tiferet of Chesed?

Today, as you feel love and experience love, consider how you can express Tiferet of love. How many times a day can you express love to others? How do we pass love on? Does it pass through us (as if we are vessels) of G-d’s love? Perhaps as we love, we pass on the love of the universe.

Pass love on compassionately, beautifully.

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