People: Fernando Torres


Fernando Torres had so much fun with our questionnaire, educating us not only about pure British pop music, but also about the fact that he used to be a model! (no surprise, right?!)

Name: Fernando Torres
Residence: Newport Beach
Relationship status: In a relationship
What do you do for a living: Certified Fitness Instructor for Fox Network Studios in Beverly Hills, CA
3 words that describe you: Passionate, Dedicated, and Persistent
Favorite place: San Francisco
What makes me happy: Taking naps, Sunday Brunch, Traveling, and partying in Vegas with friends.
Do you have a pet? 1 cat named Blanca
Guilty pleasure: (TV) America’s Next Top Model, Revenge, The Walking Dead, Real Housewives of Atlanta & Beverly Hills. (food) Sushi, Bubble Gum Ice Cream, In N Out with fries well done, Sprinkled Donuts
Favorite music artist recommended: ‘The Saturdays’ (pure British pop fun and makes you want to dance and smile), Avicii (has good music to dance when you’re at a club or need to work out).
Best news you heard this year: That Justin Bieber got arrested in Maimi. He is bad role model.

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Fun fact: I used to model when I was a teenager.

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