Preparing for a ‘Therapy’ Night Out!


As a promo for his new and exciting play ‘Therapy,’ our very own BCC member Jeff Bernhardt was interviewed on LA Talk Radio in a one-hour-special, and talked about the process of producing the new play, and about its very interesting topic. “If you’re a doctor and you’re healing somebody,”

Bernhardt said, “then you’re healing them physically. If you’re the therapist and you’re working with somebody’s emotional stuff, it’s going to bring up all your own emotional stuff and then what do you do with it at the end of the day? How do you let it not get in the way of your work with your client? That’s a lot about what the play deals with. It’s fascinatedly complicated”

When he was asked about changes that he made in the script of the play after he finished casting the main actors, Jeff said: “We did make changes after the casting, when we sat  with the actors [and they had some] questions, so no major plots or anything but small lines were added here and there, it just either worked at the moment or some new thing that came to us as we collaborated together and read the play together. There are things that sometimes don’t work technically that we had to work out, you know, an actor getting from one place to another and there not being enough time… so there are small changes but usually when I bring [a play] to production I feel that it’s really ready to be there.”

Men’s and Women’s Havurot of BCC are having a joint activity: one unforgettable night of culture, seeing the play ‘Therapy’ together in a ‘Theatre Party’ on Saturday evening, March 16th. Click here for more details.

Prior to the 8pm performance of Therapy, the Women’s Havurah will meet at 6:15pm for a  self-pay dinner at Summer Canteen 4444 Lankershim Blvd. North Hollywood. Underground parking in the small mall. Please RSVP to Devorah by March 14th, if you wish to sit at the BCC Women’s Havurah table at the restaurant.

Listen to the Jeff Bernhardt in full:




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