Rabbi Heather Miller in The Times of Israel


Rabbi Heather Miller is mentioned in the article on The Times of Israel, about the hit Amazon show ‘Transparent’ and its effect on reshaping views of transgender Jews:

The reaction from the Jewish community was swift and uncompromising.In the pages of The Jewish Journal, Rabbi Joshua Levine Grater of the Pasadena Jewish Temple and Center lambasted Prager’s “public display of ignorance and willful misreading of Jewish texts, primarily the Torah.”

Rabbi Heather Miller of Beth Chayim Chadashim, an LGBT Reform synagogue in West Los Angeles, wrote to Prager that “the type of shaming and verbal violence you inflict through the power of your pen and spoken word kills.” Others pointed out in letters published in the Jewish Journal that the Mishnah and Gemara acknowledge six different genders that include male, female and various combinations of the two, and that the Torah is hardly as narrow-minded as he portrays it to be.

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