Rabbi Lisa to Host JWT Post-Show Conversation


Jewish Women’s Theater (JWT) & The Braid presents the LA Premiere of the award-winning drama “The Blessing of a Broken Heart” a story of one woman who turns an unholy act in the Holy land into hope for others. Rabbi Lisa Edwards will host a special post-show conversation on March 10.

While this is a story about an American woman going to Israel to find adventure and love, it is also a story about loss (her son is murdered in a terrorist act) and a story about finding hope, purpose, meaning, and faith through loss. While it’s set in a village outside of Jerusalem, it is not a play of politics as much as is it about loss and the power of healing through community.

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Rabbi Lisa will facilitate an impromptu conversation about the play and the book on which it’s based after the show.

The Blessing of a Broken Heart: The Book

How can one fathom the depths of a mother’s pain upon the brutal loss of her child? Sherri Mandell’s first-born son was viciously murdered near their home on May 8, 2001. How does a mother cope with the news that her spirited thirteen-year-old, while hiking in the neighborhood, was bludgeoned to death by rock-yielding Arabs?

The Blessing of a Broken Heart is the title of Sherri Mandell’s amazing book in which she depicts the process of her coping, of her determination to choose hope and faith over despair and hate. In it Sherri reveals how she struggled to embark on a journey of faith, identifying her agony in the context of 3,000 years of Jewish suffering. Continue reading on Jewish Press

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