Renee Lamkay’s Conversation with G-d


By Lois Singer

On July 1, we were saddened to learn of the passing of Renee Lamkay, BCC member for 38 years who served on the Board of Directors and Professional Liaison Committee (among others), life partner of Leslie Tuchman, and sister of Victor (Hector Viera) and Eddie (Arthur Novell). Her dear friend Lois Singer imagines the following conversation upon Renee’s arrival in heaven.

G: Good Morning, Renee. Welcome to heaven, it’s so good to see you.

R: Thank you, G-d. I am glad to be here, but I have to admit, I’m a bit disappointed. I didn’t think I’d be here so soon.

G: I knew you’d feel that way, but after you hear me out, you’ll understand.

R: I’m listening.

G: (chuckling) Yes, One of your many strong suits! You’ve always been a great listener! I know you’re aware of how challenging things are on Earth. Sadly, I’m needed more and more down there. I just don’t have enough time (I still don’t know why I created just 24 hours a day) to properly oversee heaven. And who is a better administrator than you!

R: Me? The administrator of heaven? Sounds like a huge job! Will I be able to delegate?

G: (chuckling) Yes, You are the” delegator supreme”. I created you with rare combinations of spirit. You are unbelievably strong, and unbelievably sweet. You are a visionary with the ability to bring a vision into reality. You are in control, and flexible at the same time. Your tenacity is partnered with grace. You are confident and yet humble. I did a wonderful job creating you. (As G-d I don’t have to be humble). I know you can handle the job!

R: Could you tell me a bit more about the job? Actually, I wouldn’t mind a written job description, double-spaced please.

G: (laughs) Sure let me give you some key points to the position right now and I’ll have a written proposal sent over to your cloud in an hour (well, I am G-d). As you know, being an educator these days is quite a challenge. When our teachers get to heaven, they have “battle fatigue”. Teachers never retire, they spend their lives in service to enlighten and educate, and they will be your most exhausted group. We cannot send them back to earth as teaching angels until they have been released from the weight they have carried of lesson plans, parents, politics, and small paychecks. They need an infusion of your joy, acceptance, and faith. They need you to give them wings to “just teach.”

R: I can do that! I’d love to do that!

G: Another project for you, Renee, is heading up the redesign of heaven’s golf courses. It seems our golf angels are bored with the current configurations. They think it’s too easy to score low and too easy to make holes-in-one. Funny thing, during the creation I had the courses designed to be heaven, but clearly you golfers, would rather be in hell. Who knew? I’m sure you’ll want to personally mentor the bridge angels (hope you can get them to relax a little more), the bicycle angels, real estate angels, temple angels, and the book club angels (there are way too many opinions at these meetings).

And above all else, you will be the Ambassador of “love” .You have been an angel on earth, spreading true, pure, non judgmental love wherever you go. Who is better to represent “love” than you? (that fellow “cupid” is still Greek to me).

R: I can’t wait to get started! Tell me more.

G: I’d love to tell you everything but we’re a bit short of time, your Welcome Home Brunch will be starting soon. Your parents Lola and Harry have planned quite an event for you. When I saw the menu I was reminded of how many species of fish I had created!! Oy such a wonderful thing!

R: Before we go, can I ask one more question?

G: (chuckles) Renee, you’ve been asking me questions for 76 years, you certainly don’t need my permission to ask a question now. What’s on your heart?

R: My friends, my family, my brothers, I love them all so much. How can I say “goodbye”?

G: Renee, look down through the clouds. See all those people who have been touched by you, all the people you have loved and who love you. You will not be saying “goodbye”, you will live in their hearts forever. And when their tears dry, they will celebrate you, and
the beautiful life that you lived. They will know that you have left the world a better place and that you have made an amazing difference their lives. I love you Renee, Welcome to Heaven.

R: Thank you G-d, let’s go to brunch.

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