Richard Levik’s New Book


Congratulations to BCC member Richard Levik, whose new book is out now! You can read excerpts from the eBook version on this link, or order a hard copy through

OFF MY CHEST is a collection of over 120 “letters to the editor” and articles penned by Levik (Some of which may be considered “offensive”)  from 1989 to 2012. “Decades ago I determined that truth would be the priority in my life,” writes Levik in the Preface of his book. “I made this decision after spending years trying not to ‘offend’ anyone, and trying to get along with everyone.”

As you will see inside this book, most letters were in response to articles, stories, or other issues affecting Jews. Richard’s criticism also touches on Christianity. Religion is very much a hands-on topic for Mr. Levik. Originally, letter writing was intended as a safe outlet for release of frustration and anger, never expecting such angry and sometimes vicious letters to be published. Astonishingly, provocative letters were published. Inside OFF MY CHEST you will see the published version, the unedited version, along with letters and a few articles which were never published. Whether these letters changed hearts or minds, you be the judge. Read OFF MY CHEST, see if your heart and mind are not moved, challenged, or even changed.

Mazel Tov on your book, Richard! We’re all very proud. Your BCC Family.

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