Shushan Idol


Join our one-night-only event hosted by our own “Shushan Rock Stars” along with Rabbi Heather Miller and Cantor Juval Porat, the evening will include fabulous musical performances by mystery celebrity guests, our annual multi-lingual reading of the Megillah, multimedia storytelling (in English) of the book of Esther, and a sing-along!

February 23, 2013 Schedule:

Bring your dinner.

6:30 – 7pm
Children’s festivities.

Havdalah, ‘Shushan Idol’ and Megillah reading.

To fulfill the mitzvah of giving charity at Purim, the Tzedakah Council has invited Queen Estaire to auction items of immense historical value to the highest bidder. Proceeds
will benefit “A Drop in the Bucket”, a non-profit organization building clean drinking water wells in the Sudan. The Purim celebration will end with a Rock Star Dancing Party. Custome suggestion: Your favorite Shushan Rock Stars, Singers or Musicians.


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