Support Groups


Beth Chayim Chadashim tries to help our members (and non-members) as they go through difficult time. We hold at our facility a series of support groups where you can find a nonjudgemental ear and a warm embrace. Check out our programs below.

Bereavement Groups (Tuesday, 11am-12:30pm) the Jewish Healing Center of Los Angeles hosts Bereavement Groups at BCC. Join with others as you travel the path of mourning. Contact JHCLA’s office at (310) 277-1550 in advance to register and be matched with others with similar losses and/or time frames.

Daughters’ Bereavement with Rabbi Carla Howard,(Wednesdays, from 12pm to 1:30pm) the Jewish Healing Center of Los Angeles hosts Bereavement Groups at BCC. Every Wednesday, a bereavement group facilitated by the JHCLA has formed to specifically address the grief experienced by daughters who have recently lost their mothers.

Life Transitions (1st & 3rd Wednesday of the month, at 7pm) We deal with feelings regarding relationships, career, social, family, health & bereavement issues. Feelings are shared in supportive/confidential setting led by Social Worker Shirley Hirschberg. Contact BCC office to join or to find out when’s the next meeting.

BCC Caring Community (online, members only) a Facebook group where you can sensitively post information and requests for help for those who are ill or otherwise in need of extra care. Please be sure to get the person’s permission before posting and please update the group as you can as to when you fulfilled the request. This is an experiment, but the hope is that it will help us to better serve the needs of our community through the mitzvah of Bikur Cholim.

Want to add another group? Write us.

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