Telephone Torah Scholars series


October 17th, Thursday, 4-5pm

“The Akedah in Christian history: Interpretation, Theology, Ethics, and Art.” An overview of some of the ideas surrounding the story of the Akedah (the Binding of Isaac) as found in Christianity. The discussion will invite input about how these ideas share and contradict ideas in Judaism. Together we will ask how these viewpoints distinguish the two religions and if in what ways they enrich the other.

The discussion will be led by Petra Verwijis, Ph.D.  Petra is a native of the Netherlands. She is a linguist with a Ph.D. in Religion (Hebrew Bible) from the Claremont Graduate University. Currently Petra practices and studies the art of translation. She and her wife Linda live in Western Michigan.

November 21st, Thursday, 4-5pm

Rashi’s perspective on the weekly Torah portion.  Rashi was a 12th century French Rabbi who to this day remains the most authoritative commentator on the Talmud and Tanach (Hebrew Bible) among Ashkenazi Jews.

The discussion will be led by Maggie Anton. Maggie is the award-winning author of historical fiction series “Rashi’s Daughters” and “Rav Hisda’s Daughter.” She is a Talmud and Rashi scholar, with expertise in Jewish women’s history.

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