The Story Lines Project

In the spring of 2011, BCC goes west into a new building at 6090 Pico. In what is shaping up to be another milestone in our amazing history, the move has an accompanying project that will live on as part of BCC’s legacy for generations to come. It’s the Story Lines Project.  Each member of our BCC community shall shape and create our new bimah wall in our new sanctuary with a unique gift – our own stories!

Early in 2011 each BCC member shall submit their story – about their relationship to BCC, to Torah, to Judaism. All the stories together, will be witnesses to BCC’s vibrant and colorful life made possible by its members. Fragments of each member’s story will be written on copper strips, and transformed into an integral part of the bimah wall  which surrounds the ark holding our sacred Torahs – this will be a wall of “story-lines”, conceived by our incredible team of architects from Lewis & Schoeplein, and the entire BCC membership!

In workshops led by BCC members who are professional writers and teachers,  we will explore the process of writing meaningful and personal text, then transcribing a portion of our words and story onto the metal strip.

A special web page on BCC’s site with renderings of the new bimah wall and more details on the Story Lines Project will begin January 2011.

We imagine our words, our stories, inscribed for all time in the sacred space of our congregation.  We imagine each of us giving our congregation and each other what Jacob gave each of his twelve sons: k’vir’kha-toe bei-rakh otam:  a blessing that reveals each of us for who we are.

Remaining workshops are at the following dates and times. All workshops are all located at BCC:

1/18 7-9pm; 1/24 7-9pm; 1/29 11:30-12:30 for families with children; 1/30 4-6pm; 1/31 7-9pm.

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