Wednesday, March 7, That 70s Purim Spiel!

Wednesday, March 7, BCC presents: That ‘70s Spiel

“When the month of Adar enters,” the Talmud declares, “we increase in joy.”

This year’s Purim Party is in celebration of BCC’s 40th anniversary! That 70s Spiel will be hosted by our own “Sonny” and “Cher” along with Rabbi Lisa Edwards and Cantor Juval Porat, the evening will include fabulous musical performances by mystery celebrity guests, our annual multi-lingual reading of the Megillah, comedic multimedia storytelling (in English) of the book of Esther, written by student rabbi scholar-in-residence Dr. Rachel Adler, and plenty of sing-along led by Cantorial Soloist Fran Chalin.

To fulfill the mitzvah of giving charity at Purim, we will be collecting donations to give to NOAR – an organization that provides emotional assistance and programs to LGBT youths and their families in Israel.

The Purim celebration will end with a Disco Dancing Party – where you will dance like you have never danced in 1970.

Children and family activities: Bring your dinner at 6 pm.

Children’s Purim festivities 6:30 pm – 7 pm

That ‘70s Spiel and Megillah reading will begin at 7 pm

Costume suggestion: 1970 style clothing (Warning: Platform shoes may cause injury, wear with caution)

Light refreshments will be served.

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  • Dvorah January 30, 2013 am31 11:58 am . Reply

    Hi, I’m not a member of the sinagoge but I would like to go to the ’70 Spiel and megillah reading’ with a friend, do I need to RSVP?
    shalom and thank you

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