Weekend Activities at BCC: August 30-September 1 / 2013


Friday, August 30 at 8pm: Shabbat Services with Rabbi D’ror Chankin Gould & Lay Leader Herb Toplan

For our friends outside Los Angeles: Shabbat Services at 8pm will be live streamed.Click the “Worship” tab above, on the roll down menu choose “BCC Live Video & Audio” to view the stream. You can also watch the services and take part in them through our Ustream channel. Find out how

Saturday, August 31 at 10pm: Selichot Services at BCC with Rabbi Lisa Edwards & Cantor Juval Porat!
10-10:30pm- Oneg & Greeting.
10:30pm to Midnight – Gather in the sanctuary.
Selichot will be Live Streamed! Click here for more info

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