Weekly Torah Portion: Vayeitze (Genesis 28:10−32:3)


In this Torah portion, Jacob has a dream with angels going up and down a ladder from earth to heaven. God appears before Jacob, renewing the covenant that God had made with Abraham. Jacob sees Rachel, Laban’s daughter, tending to sheep and wishes to marry her. Laban tricks Jacob into marrying his eldest daughter, Leah, after seven years of labor. In exchange for another seven years of work, Jacob is allowed to marry Rachel. Jacob has many sons with Leah, but Rachel is unable to conceive. Finally, God blesses Rachel, and she has a son, whom she names Joseph. Read an extensive summary on My Jewish Learning

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Torah Verse of the Week*

“Jacob went on his way, and angels of God met him.” (Parashat Vayetzei; Genesis 32:2)

Other Suggested Readings

“My name is Leah. There is a music to the sound that I have grown to like, and I have come to associate my name with my individual qualities. But, it wasn’t always that way. When I was in preschool, around age 4, the children in my neighborhood made fun of my name.” Read from Leah Zimmerman’s blog, “Experiencing Torah”

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“The wilderness where Jacob lay dreaming has always been filled with the presence of God—the power and the potential for change that exists in every place.” – Rabbi Eliott Kukla. Read the full article on American Jewish World Service


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