Workshop: Leading a Healthy Life


Join us Sunday, August 23 at 3pm-5pm for the third out of four workshops on how to leading a healthy life and take steps to improve your well being.

Judaism teaches that in order to help others, we must first help ourselves. This four-part course, entitled “Leading a Healthy Life; Taking Steps to Improve our Well-being,” will look at ways to make our lives easier by taking steps towards a healthier lifestyle, lowering stress through positive thinking, and learning the terminology and questions to ask physicians and caretakers to best serve our medical needs.

Have you ever asked yourself why you can’t get motivated to do the things you know you “should” do or even things you want to do? Have you ever made up a list of things to discuss with your doctor and then can’t answer the various questions the doctor asks you during your visit? Has someone ever brought it to your attention that you tend to be a bit negative in the way you say or approach things? If you answered yes then you are normal, like the rest of us.

As we get older, “things” start to not work so well. It is harder and takes longer to do almost everything. Sometimes that is good, as it allows us to enjoy the time rather than rushing through life. There are easy things we can do to make our lives easier, the aches and pains more bearable.

Ginger Jacobs, MPH (a health educator and a BCC Vice President) is offering this course to help empower us to make our lives better. There will be lots of discussions and we can learn from one another.

This is a free class.  Those attending would best benefit by attending all the classes in this series.  Each class will focus on a topic which leads to the next class.

Classes take place on 4 Sundays:  July 26, August 16, August 23 and August 30. Please RSVP with Ilene at ilenelcohen (at) mac (dot) com for a materials hand-out count.  This class will be taught by Ginger Jacobs, M.P.H.

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