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“It’s Raining Cats And…” – Shabbat Noach – November 4, 2016

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If you’ve been recently to the house Tracy and I share you likely know that our yard was selected by […]

“Our differences bring us together:” Rosh Hashanah 5777/2016 Morning Drash by Rabbi Lisa Edwards

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It was one of those moments.  I’m sure you’ve had them too.  I was prowling-the-web-in-the-middle-of-the-night-when-I-should-have-been-sleeping. Well, at least i wasn’t […]

“Who will…” – Kol Nidre 5777/2016 Drash by Rabbi Lisa Edwards

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Last May Tracy and I visited Brighton, England.  A friend from Poland had lived in Brighton for four years, and […]

‘Until this day …:’ Parashat Ki Tavo

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D’var Torah by our Rabbi Lisa Edwards is published in this week’s Jewish journal. It explores a cryptic verse in this […]

Of Compromise, Negotiation, Cooperation: Mattot — Mas’ei, August 5, 2016 / 2 Av 5776

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By Rabbi Lisa Edwards Last night at a Ritual Committee meeting we asked some micro questions — who will set […]

“How do we stand?” – Parashat Korach, July 8, 2016/ 3 Tamuz 5776

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All week this week (for the last couple of weeks really), I’ve been watching our beautiful building fill with …what […]

Fear, faith and moral courage: Parashat Shelach Lecha

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Shelach Lecha is a turning point in the Israelites’ story. Only a year out of Egypt, the Israelites make their […]

Rabbi Lisa Edwards to be Honored at LA Pride

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Christopher Street West and The Lavender Effect will honor Rabbi Lisa Edwards for her contributions and role in LGBTQ history […]

“The Tongue Reaches Out for Apples” Shabbat April 29, 2016 — Last Day of Pesach 5776

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Here we are as the week of Passover draws to a close, and the sweet new memories of seders and […]

Shabbat April Fools 2016/5776

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Hear or see any good April Fools jokes today? The Washington Post recalled in an article yesterday about April Fools Day, […]